Angelo Watts

Candidate for Joondalup

Hi, I’m Angelo, your Greens candidate for Joondalup this election.

Joondalup is a special place for me. As an environmental health student, I understand that our natural spaces are integral to the prosperity of our communities.

As a major hub of employment, education, and commerce, Joondalup is a city perfectly poised to become a home for all, whose attractions and services must be accessible with public transport and where public housing can cater to those most in need. Ensuring that we have a roof over our head should not come at the cost of poverty.

COVID-19 has caused significant disruption to our lives. Students have felt an extraordinary impact in their plans; the resulting stress and trauma have further perpetuated the mental health crisis we face. It has only reinforced how little support there is when thrown to the precipice of disaster. We have learnt that our government should be taking an active role in caring for the health and wellbeing of our people.

From a young age my parents taught me to always act with compassion, kindness and humility. These values remain as constant pillars towards my outlook on life and are the key motivation to everything I do.

As an intercultural person raised in regional Western Australia, I became increasingly aware of the social inequalities entrenched in our society. It astounds me that not only has poverty remained consistently high in such a wealthy state, but that we have allowed for the depths of poverty to become worse.

I have seen many of my friends struggle to survive between paychecks. As a student with a limited income, it became abundantly clear to me that achieving an adequate level of health was something outside of my control. Our economy should be working for us instead of leaving behind our most vulnerable.

Our climate emergency is particularly pertinent to young people. Participating in the School Strike 4 Climate, I was overwhelmed to discover that I was not alone in feeling ripped off. An entire generation will be inheriting this existential catastrophe and will remain the only ones paying for the decades of inaction. We are in an emergency, climate deniers and those still invested in the dying fossil fuel industry have no place in our parliament.

We have seen time and time again that the major parties are indifferent to poverty, social injustice, and the wellbeing of our hardworking communities. The Greens are the only real voice in parliament advocating for putting people and planet first. For me, it was a no brainer. I feel so inspired and empowered by belonging to a movement that always fights for the marginalised and demands that no one is left behind. I can’t wait to talk to the community about our vision for a future for us all, see you out there.


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