Annabelle Newbury

Candidate for Central Wheatbelt

Hi, I’m Annabelle Newbury, your Greens candidate for Central Wheatbelt this state election.

The Greens do politics differently. Each of us has the responsibility to create a better world for our children and grandchildren and show that collectively individual efforts really do make a difference. The Greens work to build a society which is just, peaceful, environmentally responsible and democratic, in which people and not big corporations matter most. That says it for me!

Regional WA is threatened by the impact of climate change through the increasing incidences of bush fires, and by droughts which impact agricultural production. Farmers and agricultural workers are really the natural allies of the Greens. By transitioning to a renewable energy economy we can begin to solve the climate crisis and create thousands of good quality manufacturing jobs for old and young in our regional areas.

I have supported the Greens since it formed in 1990 and before that I was involved in the WA anti-nuclear movement from the late 1970s. In those days, the threat of nuclear war the biggest threat humanity faced, I spent 13 years working full time to raise awareness about that threat. While this threat still hangs over us, it is the need to address climate change that is more immediate.

I am an older Australian. I have children and grandchildren. I am compelled to do everything I can to get bold action to address climate change before its impacts are irreversible. It’s not too late, but we need to act now - our future and the future for coming generations depends on it.

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