Annie Hill-Otness

Candidate for Bicton

Hi, I’m Annie Hill-Otness, your Greens candidate for Bicton this state election.

I am an artist, author and activist. I was a Senior Librarian in the WA Library Service for over 35 years and have also worked in radio and media. Since retiring, I volunteered as a literacy tutor and English language groups for migrants and refugees. I ran craft and creative writing groups, worked with Reconciliation and the Australian Treaty Organisation, and was a Peace Activist with FANG  (Fremantle Anti-Nuclear Group).

Inequality is growing and people are being left behind – there’s unrest in the streets as the disaffected raise their voices and I will support them. I’ve experienced poverty, homelessness and survived neglect and abuse. I know that inequality must be tackled through policies that protect and enable the vulnerable and disadvantaged and I believe that together we can achieve this.

The Greens are the only political force that is not for sale to corporations or power groups – we have integrity and accountability and also the expertise to introduce the services and controls to ensure good governance. We will work together to make the changes we need, now.

I lived in Melville for over ten years and grew up on the river. Traffic and pressure on resources are endangering our treasured river, putting it in danger of pollution and water shortage and impacting the wildlife whose refuges along the banks are increasingly diminishing.

Homelessness is a national shame – the government has the power to address it, but does nothing. We should all have access to affordable housing and a strong social safety net that looks after us, as well as high quality free health care and education.

Growing rates of incarceration and suicide in First Nations communities must also urgently be addressed by investing in First Nations led and controlled essential health and mental health services. I can’t stand by and watch others suffer abuse and neglect, so I am putting up my hand to make the changes we need so that nobody is left behind.

The environment is my principal concern. In over 80 years I have seen the degradation of land and water through mismanagement, exploitation and pollution. We can see the signs of climate change in bushfires, heatwaves, floods, and storms. We are in a climate emergency. It’s not too late to slow the effects, but we need to act now. Preserving a habitable planet for the future must be a priority. I want what we all want,  to leave my grandkids a healthy planet, and I want them to have health, education and opportunity. 

In our diversity is strength. The goals are clear: Justice, equal opportunity, sustainability. The Greens are the only political force that can bring about change. The world faces a climate crisis and the destruction of life on earth as we know it – we need a voice and power in government to act now.

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