Benedict Guinery

Candidate for Balcatta 

I’m Benedict Guinery, your Greens candidate for Balcatta this election. I have spent the last five years of my life working in the heavy industry sector to measure their impact on air pollution, working within centimetres of the smokestacks which produce most of the state’s carbon emissions.

My concern for our fast-changing climate was what convinced me to pursue a career in sustainability and environmental science, and I’m extremely keen to help transform Western Australia into world leading renewable energy exporters.

I believe we could be doing a great deal to improve the quality of public housing in Balcatta, and that we need to provide more support towards renters by improving their rights. This includes building more sustainable housing and pushing for retrofits that will lower household energy costs.

I’ve seen first hand the impact tat Covid-19 has had on our most vulnerable community members. Back in March when the possibility of community transmission seemed so high here in Western Australia, a friend of mine with cystic fibrosis was living under the constant fear of the consequences he would face from simply leaving his house. For me, his example demonstrates why our objective must be ‘no community transmission’. There is no trade-off between economic stability and controlling the virus. If community transmission is high the economy will suffer, it’s a lose-lose proposition. It would put my life and the lives of my friends, family, and our community at risk.

I have volunteered for the City of Stirling captaining tree planting teams within the electorate and surrounding suburbs. It’s always great to see the number of people who volunteer at these events and the passion people have for restoring canopy and preserving trees. The area has lost a huge amount of native vegetation and canopy cover, I’d like to see greater incentives and support for planting native habitat-creating vegetation on public and private land, and an acceleration of the City of Stirling’s urban forest strategy within the Balcatta electorate. 

Balcatta deserves great public spaces. I want to see public space creation integrated with an urban revegetation strategy to boost the local economy, help local businesses and make the area more liveable.

The major parties in Australia aren’t doing enough to represent everyday people. The Greens represent the integrity and action on climate, housing and the economy that Australians deserve from their elected officials. I look forward to talking to the community about how they can be better represented, see you out there.


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