Beth McMullan

Candidate for Forrestfield

I’m Beth McMullan, your Greens candidate for Forrestfield this state election.

I’m running for the Greens because I didn’t want to just complain about what wasn’t right, but try and do something proactive and work with others who wanted things to be better too.

I appreciate the way the Greens recognise the relationship between environmental and social issues and the way that these can’t really be separated. But this also makes it hard to focus on any single issue in particular, the underlying structures of society affect everything and are in need of reform.

Altering the way our society is organised and reorienting our priorities toward the wellbeing of people would cover a lot of ground. Truly valuing people would mean making space for everyone and ensuring access and opportunity for all. Right now, we have the opportunity to invest in community wellbeing by focusing on healthcare, schools, hospitals and public transport, ensuring we’ve all got what we need to live a good life.

This also means valuing the environment upon which we rely. We need to drive the transition to renewable energy, protecting workers and creating quality jobs while tackling the growing climate crisis. Our environment is more than just a source of resources, it forms the physical context in which all human activities are undertaken; the quality and functioning of the Earth’s ecosystems are everything. This means that we can’t simply value them in straight utilitarian terms, placing a dollar value on the resources we might extract.

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