Brendan Sturcke

Candidate for Hasluck

Hi, I’m Brendan Sturcke, a proud Western Australian. I’m honoured to stand as the Greens candidate for Hasluck. I believe we are overdue for a fresh voice representing the Hasluck electorate.

Hasluck has a diverse group of people and many families are doing it tough. People deserve a safety net and it’s vital we keep Jobseeker above the poverty line. This allows people to invest in education/training and be able to pay their bills and keep a roof over their head. We all deserve to have a future. The Greens have policies to ensure this happens.

I was very fortunate to have employment through Covid- 19 but many didn’t. My son lost his employment in hospitality and had to isolate alone which was very tough on him. My friends in the entertainment industry lost their employment and the events industry was hit hard. The elderly and the homeless suffered enormously during the pandemic, this needs to be addressed. We all suffered in one way or another. 

But we have a sense of community with people looking out for each other. We need to continue with these values. I’ve always believed in giving back to the community - as a volunteer with St John Ambulance, Auskick Coordinator and now a volunteer with a homeless organisation locally. 

 As a parent I’m concerned about the future for our youth. Our children and grandchildren deserve to be given a future. The effects of climate change must be addressed now as we only have a small window of opportunity. Employment in renewables will provide employment and a better result for the planet. 

I look forward to further involvement and discussion with all people in the electorate on what needs to be done. I want to be part of building a stronger community in the electorate of Hasluck, where we can all be happy and feel supported.

My work as a safety advisor/rescue professional has given me the skills to be ready for Parliament. I’m used to working long hours in a high pressure team situation. I have good communication skills and empowering leadership skills. I’m ready to work hard for everyone in Hasluck.

It’s time to put the Hasluck Community first.


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