Brian Spittles

Candidate for Moore

I’m Brian Spittles, your Greens candidate for the seat of Moore this state election.

I completed my doctoral dissertation in 2018 and have been a casual research and tutoring academic at several Perth universities in the fields of community and sustainable development, Australian Indigenous studies, sociology, multicultural identity politics, intercultural communication, and ecotourism. 

My reason for being involved in the Greens' movement is quite simple. I care about people and the planet and I see business as usual as being increasingly detrimental to the welfare of both. In my view, the Greens are the only political party that has an ideology and policies that aptly respond to my cares and concerns. 

I have spent many years campaigning to prevent hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and gas field proliferation in the Moore region. I see this as a major regional challenge in that fossil fuel industry interests are gradually taking precedence over farming and environmental integrity. Placing a gas mining industry in the midst of an agricultural food bowl is highly problematic as it poses potential contamination threats to the groundwater upon which farming practices and the natural environs depend. The Greens will transition to 100% renewable energy, creating thousands of jobs and turning WA into a world-leading renewable energy exporter.

In general, I am concerned about all social justice and environmental protection issues. It is impossible, however, to get involved with them all, so my primary areas of action are in the anti-fracking and climate crisis campaigns. I have always loved nature and spent many hours as a boy exploring my local bushlands and swamps. I still try to make time for a daily immersion in nature, be it a river walk or a slow stroll through local bushland. I see the increasing climate crisis as threatening the future of both society and nature and feel compelled to do my bit to help remediate this.

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