Callan Gray

#3 Candidate for East Metropolitan Region

Hi I’m Callan Gray, your #3 Greens candidate for East Metropolitan region in this state election, supporting Tim Clifford MLC for re-election to the state’s upper house - the Legislative Council.

I have volunteered across our region, from a historical precinct in Guildford, to a working at an MP’s office in Midland. I got involved because of the lack of representation in State Parliament. I see few politicians with a history of struggling with unemployment, few who know what it’s like to face persecution, discrimination and poverty. 

I have struggled with poverty in various households, from a small house in Maylands to an old townhouse in Midland. I remember times when my family and I would complain about politicians and how so many seemed to be thriving while our family and neighbours were struggling just to get by. I know what it is like to struggle to find a job and in the 2020s, COVID-19 has become the dominating factor. But unemployment was hurting our communities well before COVID-19. We have an opportunity to create thousands of jobs while also solving the climate crisis by building a renewable energy economy here in WA and bringing manufacturing back on to our shores.

I have lived across East Metro, from the hills to the city, from Forrestfield to Maylands. East Metro has a history of electing heroes in the Greens movement but too many of our MP’s in the major parties poorly reflect our communities.

So many of our Labor, Liberal and National politicians take enormous donations from coal and gas corporations to fund their election campaigns and their political careers. The major parties are owned by the giant companies that fund them and their planet wrecking interests, that’s why I’m proud to run as a Greens candidate - a party of actual progressives and grassroots members who are free from the interests of corporate donors and actively trying to change the world for the better. 

I strongly urge you to vote for the Greens (WA) ticket for the WA Legislative Council and ensure Tim can continue to fight for solutions to the climate, housing and poverty crises, income disparity and discrimination in our society.

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