Cameron Pidgeon

Candidate for Curtin

Hi, I’m Cameron.

I’m a father, teacher, and an activist who has lived in Curtin for most of my life, and I’m excited to be your Greens candidate for Curtin this election.

As a stay-at-home dad for the past four years, I understand how caring for a child changes your life. I’ve helped run the Mosman Park playgroup, and recognise how valuable volunteering is. If elected, I would work to gain more support for early childhood care, health and education for everyone.

I’m worried about unaffordable housing, increasing household debt, reduced job opportunities, and our failing health and education systems. When big corporations and the very rich don't contribute their fair share in taxes, it is the essential public services that we all rely on that suffer. I want to see us change how we help one another and fairly share our prosperity. We need to work together to meet our needs, reducing the emphasis on only getting rich for the sake of it.

I love the bush and feel lucky to be surrounded by beautiful bushland. Sadly, I’ve watched these precious places being gradually bulldozed and sliced off at the edges. They are the lungs of our city, but the government and Shorten’s Labor would see them disappear in a heartbeat. I will champion our community’s desire to keep these places – such as the Underwood Avenue bushland – and work with the community to build sustainable urban development without further destruction of our bushland.

It’s clear that if the government and Shorten's Labor party continue to back corporate profit over a future for all of us, inequality will grow, our green spaces will disappear and corporate giants will continue to come first.

As your Greens MP I will ensure we invest in education, protect our precious places and fight for a future that gives equal opportunity to all.