Clint Uink

Candidate for Belmont

Hi I’m Clint Uink, and I'm so excited to be your Greens candidate for Belmont this election.

I am a Noongar man with connections to Belmont going back four generations.

I want to live in an inclusive society that strives to do better and learn from our mistakes. If parts of our community are targeted and treated poorly this reflects on our whole society.

Racism is still alive in our society, where it should not be tolerated. I’m motivated to work to build a society where people don’t experience abuse and discrimination. I am motivated to leave a legacy for the next generations, to not have to experience the challenges of today and the past all over again. My nieces and nephews should look forward to a future where we are more inclusive. It is our responsibility to act now to provide the future generations with clean air and water, to enjoy our beautiful country as we have done.

As a Noongar man, I recognise and respect that country gives us nourishment and the waterways give life to our country. We must protect it from being spoiled forever by greedy and irresponsible industries, and we need a government that is not corrupted by donors and lobbyist groups. We need urgent action on climate change.

Mental health is a key issue for me, one that has been amplified due to stress and restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We often overlook mental health, I spent most of my life ignoring signs that my mental health was not great. It sometimes led to me making some poor choices and not treating myself or those around me with the respect deserved. Seeking help and putting effort into improving and maintaining good mental health needs to be normalised in our community and supported by government initiatives.

Social services are key to improving mental health and preventing harm to oneself, their family or the wider community. Domestic violence is a common occurrence, and often the men and women of our community need support to break the cycle of violence, passed down for generations. I want to see proper funding for mental health services in Western Australia.

Many people still experience poverty in what is one of the wealthiest places on Earth. It is very tough and stressful, not being able to make the next rent payment or pay for utilities. We need to ensure that the cost of living is within reach of someone working full time. Those that work full time must be honored with decent wages, even in the gig economy.

The Greens are looking to the future on both social and environmental issues, through evidence-based policies and a bold vision for a green economy which creates jobs and solves the climate crisis. I am proud to be a candidate for the leading progressive voice in parliament, I look forward to talking to the community about building a future where nobody is left behind.

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