Daniel Garlett

#3 Candidate for South Metropolitan Region

Kaya hello, I’m Daniel Garlett, your #3 Greens candidate for the South Metro region this election, supporting Brad Pettit for election to parliament’s upper house - the Legislative Council.

I’m a Noongar man living in Perth with strong connections to all 14 Noongar clans. I’m from Northam born and raised, my stronger cultural lands are Whadjuk Ballardong Yued Noongar boodja.

I have seven children and am a family man, a cultural man and a strong community advocate for Aboriginal issues. I’m very prominent in caring for country projects and climate change related issues, with over 30 years of on the ground work experience in all areas that affect our communities in remote and country life, as well as in the cities all across Australia from 1987 till the present day.

I am self-employed for over 30 years with cultural work all year around and caring for country projects all over the South West in natural resource management and facilitating meetings and Aboriginal sites. I check on, protect and fight to save all Aboriginal sites in general. I am also a full time education deliverer about Aboriginal history and culture, and performer and tour guide on country and welcome to country and song and dance instructor and I manage my own Aboriginal dance company.

I facilitate and have held countless meetings on country and with the 21 councils of Perth and on all Noongar country and in all 14 clan group meetings.

I have been an activist for over 30 years as a strong advocate and voice within my community for change and justice and our rights as a First Nations peoples. White colonialism since 1788 has had so much of an impact on our way of life. Our culture, our lands, rivers and oceans, wildlife and native bushlands, and spiritual and mental health as well as our well-being in general.

The top challenge we face is climate change. It affects all peoples, all lands, rivers and oceans, wildlife and native bushlands, and spiritual wellbeing. We as a nation need to come together to fight for change and make legislations to stop killing our lands and bushlands and protect our oceans and wildlife before it's too late. I see myself as a strong activist and advocate for environmental protection laws to be implemented, and the use of renewable energy friendly options rather than environment destroying coal and gas. Climate change is very real and it is affecting the world at such a rate and rapid speed. We can no longer continue doing this anymore.

WA’s homelessness crisis is getting way out of hand with no real hope of change with the state government Labour party. So many young are passing away through mental health related issues from abuse and neglected to self harm. I would like to promote more programs in the area and cultural knowledge to deliver the services to those in need. Poverty is also a big issue, creating more employment opportunities in the cultural and tourist industry would provide self-determination for our people and non Aboriginals need help just as much as Aboriginals.

I am with the Greens movement as I strongly believe in the Greens policies, what the Greens movement are about is a reflection of who I am as a strong cultural man.

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