Francesca Pandolfino

Candidate for Perth

Hi! I’m Francesca Pandolfino, and I’m your Greens candidate for Perth this election. As an allied health worker, climate reality leader and social justice activist, I’m passionate about ensuring that our community works for all of us, especially our most vulnerable. 

As a death doula, supporting people at the end of life, I value and practice integrity, compassion, authenticity, and honesty, by fostering genuine, deep, empathetic connections with people.

I am concerned at the potential collapse of the ecosystem due to the climate crisis and government inaction to invest in the future of our planet. Like many of us, I am frustrated by the current state of politics, where the major parties are more interested in serving their corporate donors than funding the things we all need to live a good life. 

I love living in Perth, it is a truly beautiful city with plenty of special green spaces that I relish including Hyde Park and the Swan River foreshore. I indulge at the weekends getting out to farmers markets, meeting other doggos with River, browsing specialist shops and enjoying all the events in the Cultural Centre. With my Italian background I thoroughly appreciate Northbridge’s foodie culture and the diverse world class restaurants and bars we have here. I love getting out to our independent cinemas, local bookshops and cannot wait to get back to seeing live music again.

 As a community, we are facing a dual crisis of COVID-19 and the climate emergency, with both threatening our way of life. The response to COVID-19, the climate crisis and the economy should be interconnected. Aligning people, the planet and economy is essential. Now is the time for the community to speak truth to power, for people to come together urging for bold government investment to drive our economy into the future.  We have the opportunity now, to create jobs for West Australians, urgently tackle the climate crisis, and ensure everyone has access to the essential services they need to live a rewarding and enjoyable life. 

I spent most of my childhood outdoors in the English countryside, climbing trees, observing the changing seasons, spotting animal tracks, birdwatching and obsessing about tadpoles and frogs. 

I attended art college within a conservation area amidst 320 hectares of country park, and my art practice is heavily influenced by ecology and history.

When I emigrated at twenty-five, I felt deeply connected to Whadjuk Noongar land and feel a strong need to protect the precious places we have in Perth - our local bushland, Kings Park, the life giving waterways, biodiversity hotspots, beaches, and our native wildlife. I spend my weekends exploring bush walks in Perth with my beautiful greyhound rescue, River. These places are under the threat of ecological collapse, and need our governments to take urgent action to address the climate crisis and restore our unique environment so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, I saw the best of the Perth community, with a focus on connection and compassion, helping our elders, community outreach, protecting the vulnerable and providing homelessness support. But rather than maintaining our strong social safety net, successive Labor and Liberal Governments have cut services and frozen payments, choosing to give their corporate mates tax cuts instead. If this crisis has shown me anything, it’s that our Governments can fund what people need to live rewarding and fulfilling lives – disappointingly, they just choose not to. I will ensure we properly fund our community services - schools, hospitals, carers - building local and peer support networks and supporting small business. 

I am hopeful and genuinely excited about the possibilities for our Perth community in the coming months, but it will take political will to tackle climate change and care for communities at the same time. The Greens are that powerful force for change. We have the solutions to the problems we are facing. I look forward to being out in our community over the coming months, listening and having conversations with you all - see you out there!


Contact me

Fran smiles at the camera almost laughing. She has long black hair, a tanned complexion and is wearing a v neck red dress


(08) 6365 2131