Gerard Siero

Candidate for Victoria Park

I’m Gerard Siero, your candidate for Victoria Park this state election.

I’m a father and a grandfather, ecological architect (semi-retired), deep ecologist and amateur theologian/philosopher on life and justice. I have lived and practiced in Victoria Park since 1997 and been an active member in my communities.

Our family came to Australia to escape the Cold War. Dad was a journalist and Mum had a post office. The bushland valleys and creeks were my playground, and I was distraught at the destruction of our valley for real estate. So I became an architect and landscape designer thinking to do it better.  

I spent my working life developing ideas about how humans might live sustainably on Earth.  I discovered that our ecological, social and climate justice issues are all interlinked, complex and only solvable if we work together - think global, act local, hence my community work. 

With our Climate and Ecological Emergencies upon us, the very lives of our children and grandchildren now depend on us transforming our societies, stopping global heating and ecocide, and cooperating with Nature and each other in order to sustain Life on Earth and building equitable, prosperous, thriving communities founded on justice and the sciences

Now is the time for bold government investment to drive our economy into the future. We have the opportunity to create jobs in clean industries for West Australians and urgently tackle the climate crisis with a renewable energy economy. We just need the political will to invest in these sectors instead of continuing to prop up gas and coal.

I am a Climate Leader and Mentor with the Climate Reality Project, Australia and Pacific (Al Gore, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2019. A life member of the Greens WA, I previously stood as Candidate for Swan in 2013. 

Why stand as a Greens candidate? We are living in a time of Climate, Ecological and Social Justice CRISIS, within which I see ours as a time of tremendous creative possibilities for reconnection, equity, justice and wholeness, transforming our civilisation to synergistic, life giving relationships with Earth, our ecosystems and each other. 

We must reverse global heating, transition to a clean green, renewable energies led economy.

We must halt the ecocide of forest, river, ocean habitats, and respect the Rights of Nature to Life. To feed ourselves we must develop regenerative, compassionate agricultures.  

We must bring about an equitable society, end homelessness, poverty, entrenched classism and disadvantage, with universal healthcare and education, dignified, safe work, housing as a right, public transport, and a just, democratised economy that benefits everyone while conserving nature, heritage and culture.

Right now we have the opportunity to invest in community wellbeing, join us in protecting the best of the Australia we love and remaking our future in a just, equitable and sustainable world.  

It starts here. With this election. Vote [1] Greens.

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