Giz Watson

#2 Candidate for Mining and Pastoral Region

Hi, I’m Giz Watson, your #2 Greens candidate for the Mining and Pastoral region this election, supporting Kimberly Smith for election to Parliament’s Upper House - the Legislative Council.

All my adult life I have been committed to the green movement to protect the planet; to champion human rights and equality; to create a peaceful and just world. The Greens are the political expression of this movement and over the last three decades I have helped create and sustain this political party and represented our policies and vision in the public and Parliamentary arenas.

I am excited to be part of the Greens (WA) ticket for the Legislative Council, to support Kimberly so she can build on Robin Chapple’s great legacy.

This election is our opportunity to take strong action on climate change. The climate emergency that is now upon us cannot be ignored. In this election, again, we Greens are the only party calling for the urgent and far reaching responses needed to prevent catastrophic, irreversible damage to the planet.

I see the damage that is happening to our environment, particularly in the south of our State, due to a drying climate and less predictable weather patterns. I see it in our forests. That’s why I continue to fight to end wasteful and destructive practices such as logging and burning which reduce the resilience of these unique ecosystems, making them even more vulnerable to climate change. We must also protect country and the environment by immediately banning fracking and transitioning to a renewable energy economy.

This election, vote Greens in the Upper House.


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