Gordon Scantlebury

Candidate for Collie-Preston

My name is Gordon Scantlebury and I am your Greens candidate for the seat of Collie-Preston this election.

I believe we are meant to commit to and engage with life; which is why I have stepped forward as a candidate for my local region. 

Donnybrook has been my family home for nearly 25 years. I love the natural beauty of its forests and bush and the diversity and vitality of its communities. Whether a local market in Collie, the developing new identity of Millbridge, or the fruit grown from the rich soils of Donnybrook, its culture and its lifestyle shines bright. 

Yet amidst the beauty I am also concerned for the pressures which push against us. The impact of climate change deeply worries me, as does further clearing of our natural environment. We need to quickly transition to a renewable energy economy, and support our communities through this transition. Destructive commercial interests threaten our towns, roads and environment while fossil fuel companies threaten the integrity of our government with their ties to the major parties. We need to come together to defend our community against these threats. 

I also care deeply for the social welfare of our communities. We need greater health services in our region. I want action to lift people out of poverty and to protect families from the terrible impacts of domestic violence. Integral to all my concerns is my Christian faith. For me this faith is critically a call to a concrete practice of justice, inclusion and sustainability. As an ordained Uniting Church minister I have always sought to care for the communities of which I have been a part.

I have also worked as a geologist in the mining industry. I have taught high school science and Indonesian around Bunbury, Collie, and Donnybrook. I have served in Donnybrook as a Scout leader, a volunteer ambulance officer, with the Ethics Committee of the South West Health campus, and on the Cemeteries Board for Donnybrook-Balingup.  I am a Disaster and emergency Response Chaplain, and I have enjoyed acting with the local theatre group.

I embrace the Greens as a political party because I believe in its core values of peace, environmental sustainability, community well-being and integrity. Not only do these resonate with my own sense of self, but I see them as absolutely vital for the life of our planet and the wholeness of our communities.

Despite the challenges and pressures against us, I remain hopeful. We can transition away from fossil fuels and still develop local industries. We can farm regeneratively to not merely sustain our environment, but to actively enrich our bush and farm lands. We can further develop our tourism and industries in a way which is mindful of the earth and the health of our communities.

I believe Collie-Preston is one of the jewels of our state and I am proud and determined as I stand as your Greens candidate for our upcoming state election.

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