Greg Glazov

Candidate for Hillarys

I’m Greg Glazov, your Greens candidate for Hillarys this state election.

I am standing for the Greens because we face a climate emergency and they are the only party with policies to seriously reduce WA’s carbon emissions. The Greens also don’t accept donations from big gas corporations who now greatly influence both the Labor and Liberal party in this state. I also support the Greens because they strongly protect our environment, and have a plan to build a sustainable post COVID renewable energy economy.

As a boy I grew up in Perth and my Russian parents came to Australia as displaced persons after experiencing the horrors of WW2 including forced labour in Germany. My grandfather was not allowed to enter Australia due to unjust rulings of the Menzies government and later died never reunited with his family. As a child I enjoyed bike riding and exploring paperbark swamps and the bush around Cannington. My parents often took us on  trips to the  beach  and  in the hills and I   gained  an early appreciation of our natural environment. Getting education and learning the piano was always encouraged by my family. I gained exhibition prizes upon finishing Bentley high school and went on to study medicine in UWA, graduating as a doctor in 1980. I have also continued to play classical piano and in recent years sing with a choral society. I have worked as a GP in Hillarys over the last 12 years, connecting with many people during this time.

Helping people with health and social issues, fighting racial discrimination and inequality, supporting First Nations people and humane policies for refugees are all important issues to me. I have followed a career in family medicine for 40 years and have special interests in management of skin cancer and pain control using acupuncture . During my postgraduate studies I was awarded a PhD for medical research on laser treatment of chronic pain.

I now feel obliged to be a candidate for the Greens party to make a difference raising the community awareness of issues that really matter. I realise that climate change will be the most important health issue facing mankind in this century. I well understand the importance of government policy being guided by science and this has worked keeping us safe from COVID.  Now we should be listening to science again, joining the world in reducing carbon emissions and building a strong renewable energy economy in WA.

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