Heather Lonsdale

Candidate for Jandakot

Hi, I’m Heather Lonsdale and I’m delighted to be your Greens candidate for Jandakot this state election.

I am a university lecturer in mathematics, and also have the role of Director of Learning and Teaching across a range of areas in science and engineering. I am passionate about all levels of education, and about the importance of how we teach and communicate scientific information. I would like to see politicians make better use of evidence-based research and defer to experts in our community, rather than relying on what is popular for the next poll. I am pleased that the government listened to experts for COVID-19, and I would like to see that replicated for the climate crisis – to set concrete emissions targets and a plan to transition to a renewable economy.

I have two children, who attend local primary and secondary schools in the electorate. These are excellent schools but I would like to see more investment in public education. The population of our electorate is growing at a significant rate, and it is important that our essential services are properly funded to keep up with this. At the same time, we need to ensure that our urban bushland is protected so that we can continue to have access to nature which is important for all of our health and wellbeing.

I am very fortunate to have recently purchased a home, after having rented for many years, but I know this is not an option available to everyone – indeed, many people are not able to access any kind of housing. The Greens have a plan to ensure a home for everyone by properly investing in social housing, in the process creating jobs and ending homelessness.

I have been working with the other excellent Greens candidates across Western Australia to have conversations with members of our community to find out what is important to them, so that we can better represent your needs. We need as many Greens representatives in Parliament as possible, to look after people and the planet.

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