Heather Lonsdale

Candidate for Brand


Hi, I’m Heather Lonsdale and I’m delighted to be your Greens candidate for Brand this election.

We are at a crucial time in history where we need to act on the climate crisis to protect our planet and our future. I want to see politicians make better use of evidence-based research and defer to experts in our community, rather than relying on what is popular for the next poll.

It frustrates me that building a long-term plan hasn’t been a priority for the major parties who are focused on the short-sighted nature of the political cycle. We need to invest in renewable energy and make smarter decisions that will benefit us all in the long term. Good environmental decisions can also be good economic decisions, as we have the capacity to export renewable energy internationally. 

We need to address the growing economic inequality in our society, and focus on supporting our most vulnerable. The Greens have a plan to build one million affordable, sustainable homes, and to expand Medicare to include dental and mental healthcare by taxing billionaires and getting corporations to pay their fair share of tax. 

As a mum with two kids in the public education system, I have seen first hand the inequities that exist in our schools. I support The Greens plan to fully fund every public school as I would like to see educational opportunities available to all, regardless of postcode and bank balance.

As a lecturer, I have seen university students struggle with the demands of balancing study and work, including sometimes making the decision to discontinue their studies due to financial pressures. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Greens plan to make TAFE and University free again, which will allow everyone to follow their educational or career aspirations.

As a woman working in the traditionally male fields of mathematics, science, and engineering, I am conscious of the need for representation and role models, and aware of the impact that visibility can have in promoting diversity. This is equally true in Parliament, and it is why it is so crucial that we reelect Western Australia’s first female First Nations Senator, Dorinda Cox.

I am excited to get to work this election, and look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail. See you out there!