Isabella Tripp

Candidate for Kingsley

Hi, I’m Isabella, your Greens candidate for Kingsley this state election.

I grew up in the South West in a town called Boyunup, before moving to Kingsley in 2006. I attended Dalmain Primary School and Greenwood Collage where I graduated. I have volunteered at Yellagonga and Shepherds Bush Friend Groups. My home is Kingsley. I attended Tafe studying Conservation and Land Management and I work in Environment Land Management.

I’m very concerned about the growing climate crisis; I believe we need to come together collectively to demand action from our government. Now is the time to put words into action, to protect our communities from increasingly severe heatwaves and bushfires and ensure our planet is livable for generations to come. With more Greens MP’s in parliament, we can ensure Labor takes strong action on climate change.

I also believe that climate action is a part of ensuring justice for First Nations people. Living in the city we often do not see the true impacts of climate change to our environment and First Nation communities.

It is essential that we protect our fragile metropolitan bushland and wetlands, such as the precious Yellagonga Regional Park. A habitat and feeding ground for many birds, reptiles, mammals, and rich with local history. Establishing more green corridors in our suburbs through conservation and endemic land management programs will bring a cleaner and healthier community.

I want to make sure the voices of the Kinglsey community are being represented in parliament, not the interests of big corporations, developers, and coal & gas companies like the major parties, who accept huge donations from these groups.

Now more than ever we need more community engagement and Covid-19 has highlighted how important local community togetherness is. I saw this firsthand seeing families walking and riding around Lake Goollelal and coming together at the end of our driveways for a unique ANZAC dawn service. So, I say, put forward your concerns, because sometimes all it takes is one person to drive change.

Being a young person, I feel there needs to be greater representation of young people in parliament. Young people inherit the decisions being made today and absolutely need to be represented in long term decision making when it affects our futures. We are in a recession and social, health, and climate crises - we need change, and we need it now. 

I have been inspired by other young Greens candidates who have decided to become leaders in their communities and am proud to join them as the candidate for Kingsley. Be the change, take a chance, your vote is powerful.

We have an opportunity to transform WA’s economy with renewables. We live in a state bountiful with natural resources such as solar, wind and hydro. We could make WA a manufacturing powerhouse by  investing in local manufacturing of products supporting businesses and creating jobs in our communities. So, let’s rock n roll, and I will see you out there!

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