Jeff Pow

Candidate for Warren-Blackwood

I’m Jeff Pow, your Greens candidate for Warren-Blackwood this election.

As a local farmer, I consider myself very fortunate to also have had a life in the city and a strong business background.  This experience allows me to look at the whole of rural life through both a strategic and practical lens.

I have co-founded an award-winning sustainable food and agriculture business here in the heart of the Southwest and am proud to be a candidate for the Greens in this election, they are the only party that shares a vision about the future I want to see - in energy, the environment, food and agriculture, and sustainability.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of local food production and food security, as well as infrastructure such as the internet and transportation. We have a great opportunity to use this crisis to invest in public services, renewable energy, and our healthcare system, and it has personally strengthened my commitment to find ways to draw down Carbon through farming.

As a first-generation regenerative farmer, I believe that agriculture has the potential to be the most radical fix to climate change and land restoration that we have yet come across. This is work I have dedicated my life to and continue to live it everyday, with the bonus being that I get to also put food on the table for WA families. 

I am not a stranger to adversity, especially with regards to our changing climate in the Southwest – and fire! Our farm, livestock and family home were destroyed in the Southampton Firestorm in 2013. It is an intimate and life changing event but one that has shaped my life and it continues to inform my views on fire mitigation for our region's towns and landscapes. We need to take urgent action to solve the climate crisis so we can protect our region from worsening fire seasons and more extreme weather conditions.

I understand the challenges my friends, neighbours and community face. As a farmer with a Master of Business, I enjoy taking new approaches to thinking about old problems in agriculture, food and farming. My life’s work as a regenerative farmer has made me passionate about rebooting and regenerating our regional landscapes using biology, soil and natural systems.