Jesse Smith

Candidate for Cockburn

Hi, I’m Jesse Smith, your Greens candidate for Cockburn this election.

As a young person and hospitality worker I believe that the Greens are the only party fighting for equality as well as action on the climate crisis. 

I have been living in Cockburn since 2018 and have spent a lot of time here prior to that. Cockburn has a lot of young people who are studying at uni or tafe and a lot of working class people who are struggling right now under renter stress that is being exacerbated by the cost of education and a lack of access to secure work.

Income inequality and homelessness are two very important issues for Cockburn and as someone who has been homeless and had to live on $40 a day I know that these systems are failing people everyday.

A lot of people in Cockburn have lost work due to the economic fallout of Covid-19 and many students have been severely impacted, including International students. Everyone deserves to live above the poverty line and have access to services that can get them back on their feet after the worst happens. The Government's response to this crisis has shown us that they always had the means to pull people out of poverty and fully fund the services people need, they just chose not to.

I think our communities deserve to live above the poverty line and have access to extensive support services that would cover mental health, affordable housing and get them good quality jobs.

The protection of our marine environment is of paramount importance to me. Ocean plastics are destroying marine life right across the world and as someone who sails and on the ocean regularly I have seen firsthand the decline in our marine environment. We are not immune from the catastrophic effects of plastics in our oceans; when I was on the Cocos Keeling Islands I witnessed the impacts of beaches full of plastic on an Australian territory.

I joined the Greens movement because as a young person I felt a duty be involved in shaping our future. I’m looking forward to talking to the people of Cockburn about building a future for all of us, see you out there.


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