Lee-Anne Miles

Candidate for Kalamunda

Hi! I’m Lee-Anne Miles, and I am so excited to be your Greens candidate for Kalamunda this election. As a small business owner, mum and Kalamunda local, I want to ensure that we all have what we need to live a good life. Right now, we’re facing a dual crisis of COVID-19 and the climate emergency, with both threatening our way of life.

As a long time local, I might be biased, but I strongly believe that we’ve got some of the most beautiful natural environments in all of Perth. However, our precious places are gradually changing. We’re losing our tree canopies, a drying climate means the threat of climate change is ever present, and we’re starting to lose species from the area. Climate change is not only threatening our diverse plants and animals, but also the jobs and income that rely on the tourism these things bring. 

Instead of listening to the majority of Western Australians who are calling for action, the McGowan Labor Government is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from oil and gas corporations. By allowing the very same corporations that are destroying our climate to fund their election campaigns the major parties are putting their own interests above those of the people they are supposed to represent. 

The coming summer terrifies me, as I’m sure it does for many of our community. Our communities are already feeling the devastating impact of the climate crisis. People have lost their lives and homes to fires, the smoke has made it difficult to breathe and unsafe to go outside, and coastal erosion is threatening our communities. 

It’s time to transition to a renewable energy economy and fund hundreds of thousands of quality, long term jobs. The Greens have the political will to take action on the climate crisis and remove corporate influence on our democracy.

I’m so excited to be running a grassroots campaign for people and planet. Over the coming months I’ll be having conversations with our community, on doorsteps, on the streets and everywhere in between. So join me and help build this people powered movement - see you out there!

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Lee-Anne smiles at the camera. She has shirt brown hair, a big smile and is wearing a blue top and a black cardigan

Email: office@wa.greens.org.au

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