Liberty Cramer

Greens candidate for Fremantle

Hi! I’m Liberty Cramer and I am so excited to be your Greens candidate for Fremantle for the upcoming state election.

I’m a University educator and proud queer woman who is passionate about equality in all aspects of our society.

I grew up on the coast in Geraldton where my love for nature and the ocean first started. I feel so lucky to now call Fremantle my home - a place where my passion for a progressive, inclusive community and my love for precious places come together. 

I have juggled casual job after casual job - I’ve washed your dishes, flipped your burgers, and made your coffee. I have experienced first hand how stressful it is to not have secure work. I understand that, through no fault of your own, your life can change. In the face of the climate, health and inequality crises we are facing it is so important that we have politicians who care about their community enough to fight for them in parliament and make sure that people don’t have to struggle just to get by.

I am so proud to be a part of Fremantle’s progressive history. As someone who has faced discrimination I was drawn to make Fremantle my home because of its warmth and inclusion, and I want to bring the passion and care we have into the WA Parliament. As your MP I will fight for a society where people have what they need to live a good life, I will fight for a future that treats everyone fairly, and I will fight to preserve our precious places.

Western Australia’s response to COVID-19 has shown that when it comes to taking strong action to keep our community safe from threats to our future, we have always had the means. Our government has just lacked the political will. We all know that one of the biggest barriers to getting real action on the many challenges we face is the influence of vested interests in our parliament. Together, we are powerful and can create the future that we all deserve. Corporate money cannot buy the strength of our community. We can achieve incredible things and I know we will, together.

I never thought that I would run for Parliament - I can’t see a lot of people in there who look like me, people who are young, female, or queer. But I can’t just sit by as our governments continue to misrepresent us and our community. As your Greens MP for Fremantle I will ensure that we celebrate diversity, protect our precious places and always fight for a future that gives everyone a chance to live the life that they deserve. 

I know that the only way we will achieve lasting and meaningful change is if we come together as a community and demand it. Together, we will run a powerful grassroots campaign to make the changes we want to see in the world. I can’t wait to meet each and every single one of you!


Get in touch

Liberty smiles directly at the camera. She has short curly brown hair, glasses and a big smile. She is wearing a white button up shirt an navy jacket.


(08) 6365 2131