Manjot Singh

Candidate for West Swan

Hi, I’m Manjot Singh, your Greens candidate for West Swan this state election. 

I am a postgraduate law student at UWA, working part-time in construction after completing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. I grew up around West Swan and I have strong family connections in the area, I currently live in Middle Swan – just at the edge of the electorate.

I became involved with the Greens after seeing very little action on climate change and social justice from our current governments; I believe strongly in community and found great appeal in  the grassroots campaigning of everyday Australians within the Greens.

West Swan is a very multicultural area that hosts a variety of different cultures and communities – I hope to be able to represent them being a minority myself. West Swan faces the challenge of balancing the sustainable development of new housing with maintaining the heritage and the prestige of the Swan Valley and all its attractions. The newer suburbs in the electorate, Dayton and Brabham, are also in need of a high school. From anecdotes, I have heard of students travelling 20-30 minutes every day to get to school. This is a big burden on parents and children of the community; good quality education should not be a luxury and should be afforded to all.

I deeply believe in our shared Australian value of giving everyone a fair go – regardless of colour, gender or sexuality.

I was one of the only turban-wearing Sikh men in my public high school. I saw how underfunded the schools were - it meant that I had to do my math classes online in Year 11 and 12 because the school could not afford another maths teacher for my class, and I could not afford to travel to a school 20 minutes away from home. I did face some bullying being a visible minority but, on the whole, compassion and kindness persevered.

I’m very concerned about the increasing impacts of the climate crisis. In the bushfires last year thousands of people lost their homes and livelihoods, yet our politicians have failed to adequately fund rural fire services and have no real plan to tackle climate change. The major parties don’t seem to care about everyday people like you and me, more interested in the interests of the fossil fuel corporations that fund them. 

Better public services and a strong climate action plan could have avoided those fires. I am worried for our communities as WA is predicted to get hotter and hotter – increasing the chance of bushfires. I have personally faced evacuation from bushfires, I understand how important it is that we mitigate the issue at its root, so we can avoid catastrophes like the bushfires from last year.

The Greens do not accept any corporate donations, they’re funded by the communities they represent, meaning that they cannot be bought and will keep fighting for immediate bold action to tackle the climate crisis and transition away from fossil fuels.

I truly believe that we are powerful as a collective and have the right to hold the government accountable to our communities. I look forward to talking to the community of West Swan about building a future for all of us. See you out there.

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