Mark Cooper

Candidate for Moore

Hi, I’m Mark Cooper, your Greens candidate for the seat of Moore this federal election.

As a researcher and PhD candidate, I am deeply passionate about tackling ‘big picture’ problems. I want to make Australia a truly sustainable, prosperous, and connected country through an integrated plan across transport, urban planning, sustainable design, and community initiatives. I’d love your support to make this a reality.

Moore has some of the best coastal scenery in Australia. Our oceans and coastlines are home to some of the most diverse and unique marine and bird life on the planet, yet it is under threat from the climate crisis. 

As your Greens representative, I will always fight to protect our natural environment. The major parties have shown us that climate action will only come from having strong Greens voices in Parliament. For decades, Liberal and Labor governments have allowed their big donors to dig up our environment, destroy our climate, and sell off our green spaces. 

I am a strong supporter of the Greens’ refugee policies. Looking after one another is at the core of who we are as Australians. Everyone has the right to live free from danger. However the major parties have spent the past decade and billions locking up people in offshore hellholes, perpetrating human rights abuses and separating families who have asked for our help -- all in a cruel attempt to win votes and divide our community. Enough is enough.  It’s time to set them free. 

COVID has further highlighted the inequalities that exist, particularly in our housing market. The Greens have a plan to create construction jobs, and provide housing to low-income families through a targeted spend of federal money in key areas. The need is real and urgent, not only for new builds but also for maintenance and upgrades to existing social housing units. It is an investment in the future of our people.

This election, if you are someone who is concerned about the climate crisis, it is important to put a 1 next to the Greens on the ballot paper. There is nothing more effective in sending a message to Canberra about the need for climate action.  

See you out there on the campaign trail. 

Contact Mark

Mark Cooper a white man is wearing a navy checked shirt underneath a black jacket

Phone: (08) 6365 2131