Mark Twiss

Candidate for Churchlands

I’m Mark Twiss, your Greens candidate for Churchlands this state election. 

I am an Occupational Health & Safety Manager who has lived in the electorate since 2012 raising a young family and educating them at Jolimont Primary school. I believe it’s a very special part of the western suburbs and I enjoy club cycling in the area, its beaches, walking in Bold Park, taking my son to the Floreat Skatepark and enjoying first class sporting grounds.

Churchlands is a vibrant community with many small businesses that are well supported. The community is concerned for their own job security and employment, and opportunities for young people. They support emerging sustainable job sectors that are not dictated by the fortunes of the mining and oil/gas industries, green space protections in the suburbs (that’s why we love to live here in the first place), and sensible urban planning to protect these spaces. We have stunning wetlands in Churchlands that need our ongoing protection. It is hard to disagree that the stretch of coast between South City beach and Scarborough is the best in Perth, with its natural beauty, accessibility, amenities and recreation space, we need to ensure that it stays that way. 

I was introduced to the natural beauty of WA from a young age growing up in the Pilbara, learning to appreciate and respect it. As a young adult I was disappointed with the major parties’ lack of commitment to solving the issue of native forest logging in South West WA. Many concessions were made, and the destruction continues. Petroleum exploration threatened the future of the Ningaloo reef reserve and I supported actions that drew attention to saving the reefs. We are also under threat from the fracking being unleashed in Western Australia with the consent of the Labor party. The Greens will end native forest logging and completely ban fracking in WA.

As an Occupational Health & Safety Manager I support the Greens’ policies on workplace protections for employee’s rights and safety. The Greens are the only party who have categorically stated their policy positions on these matters and stood for workers protection. I also care deeply about employment opportunities and support for people with Disabilities; in my work I have facilitated assisting disabled people to gain meaningful employment, helping them gain the pride of making a meaningful contribution. The Greens are also a party that recognises the deep challenges that new migrants face in Australia and seek to support them as they establish themselves. I am proud that The Greens have never shied away from the complexity of Indigenous issues in Western Australia nor nationally, and I respect that as a party they have never stopped fighting for justice.

I don’t think there is another political party that has the same passion, commitment and sense of urgency to address issues that impact all Australians with such strength and integrity. I am proud to be a part of a like minded group of people seeking alternative solutions to our problems with a bold vision for the future of Western Australia and the willingness to take action.


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