Martin Spencer

Hi, I’m Martin and I’m thrilled to run as your Greens candidate for Tangney.

Working in the local community, being an active community member, and having raised my kids in and around Tangney, I’m running to give a voice to our community and act on our desire for change this election.

In a community like ours, no one should be left behind. But for decades, both Liberal and Labor governments have created an economy that only works for corporations, instead of doing what’s best for all of us.

The only way to build a future for all of us is to make corporations pay more tax and get their influence out of politics so we can fund schools and hospitals, protect our environment and invest in public transport.

A vote for The Greens at the next election will mean that, together, we’ll build a future for all of us. The Greens will invest in better connected and affordable public transport, so we can spend less time stuck in traffic jams and more time with our families. We’ll protect the Swan and Canning rivers, we’ll include denticare in Medicare and we will invest in education from preschool through to TAFE and university.

I regularly go to my local hockey club, enjoy spending weekends down at the local markets or cycling near the river. I’m looking forward to being out and about across the electorate, having conversation about the things that matter. See you out there!