Matt Ward

Candidate for Wanneroo

Hi, I’m Matt Ward, your Greens candidate for Wanneroo this state election.

I’m involved in the Greens movement because the party represents the views that most align to my own. They are a party that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of the community, unlike the major parties who mostly care about their big corporate donors.

I grew up in the old Shire of Wanneroo. I not only felt proud of it’s cultural diversity but very thankful of it’s kinship to the environment and native bushlands.

As a worker in the Arts and Cultural Entertainment sector, I lost my job due to Covid last year. There are scraps of work around currently, but it is an industry that will take many years to recover, if it ever recovers at all. The COVID crisis has dramatically increased unemployment rates and left WA with one of the highest rates of unemployment in Australia. Rather than maintaining our strong social safety net, successive Labor and Liberal Governments have cut services and frozen payments, choosing to give their corporate mates tax cuts instead.

Right now we have an opportunity to invest in community wellbeing by focusing on healthcare, schools, hospitals and public transport, ensuring we’ve all got what we need to live a good life.

I feel passionately about Arts and Culture, and more funding for mental health services, social justice, more rights for workers through Industrial Relation reform, and further advancement of renewable energy infrastructure for the success of environmental and economic sustainability.

Now is the time for bold government investment to drive our economy into the future. We have the opportunity to create jobs in clean industries for West Australians and urgently tackle the climate crisis with a renewable energy economy. We just need the political will to invest in these sectors instead of continuing to prop up gas and coal.

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