Melanye Wawrik

Candidate for Swan Hills

Hi, I’m Melanye Wawrik, your Greens candidate for Swan Hills this state election.

I am a student of international law and hold a Juris Doctorate in Australia. I am also an educator specialising in children with additional needs. I’m with the Greens because I want to see progressive and equitable change in our society and I got tired of waiting for it to happen. I felt that the best way to do something about it was to get involved with a group of amazing like minded people who are willing to fight for a future for all of us.

I grew up in California but since moving to Mount Helena eight years ago I’ve been proudly involved in many community-based activities. I volunteer at Mundaring Adult Creative and Learning Centre as an Ordinary Committee Member and as a Spanish teacher. I also volunteer as a Shire Liaison Officer at the Mount Helena Seniors Football Club, I am a member of the Mount Helena Rent and Ratepayers Association and am in the process of becoming a local neighborhood fire action coordinator.

I think that one of the biggest challenges in the Hills is the fact that climate change has made the weather more unpredictable and harsher, leading to increasingly dangerous bushfire seasons which are threatening our homes and livelihoods.

I’m running for The Greens because they are mobilising to make sure that all the necessary steps are taken to ensure our future for both the planet and our younger generations. It is imperative that we begin to tackle the climate crisis by ending our reliance on fossil fuels, banning fracking and building a renewable energy economy for WA to preserve the Hills and the environment at large.

This is personally very important to me as living both in Mount Helena and in California the threat of forest and bush fires has loomed large over my whole life. Last American summer my family in California had fires so close to their house that their lives were in danger. This summer here in the Hills I’ve already experienced several close calls with fire that have threatened the homes of myself, my family and my friends. Climate change is not only threatening our homes, it’s also threatening our health. In the last year the allergy seasons have only grown more prolonged and intense triggering those of us that suffer from allergies and asthma.

The residents of Swan Hills also deserve more affordable housing and careful planning of new suburbs being developed in the area. New suburbs in the Hills should provide much-needed residential capacity without causing unnecessary removal and impact on the surrounding bushland. 

I’m looking forward to talking to the Swan Hills community about protecting ourselves from worsening bushfire seasons and building a future for all of us, see you out there.

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