Mia Krasenstein

Candidate for Vasse

Hi, I’m Mia Krasenstein, your Greens candidate for Vasse this election.


I believe that our unique, small-town, relaxed lifestyle deserves to be protected and I feel so lucky to belong to this corner of the world. 

My family has lived in this region for 25 years, I was born in Busselton hospital and raised on Yallingup Hill. I have local values and I share my love and appreciation for our environment with the local community, I support local businesses and I believe everyone in our community deserves a fair go and access to the services they need. 

I was raised with strong Australian morals; a sense of fairness and wanting to do the right thing. I studied law and politics at university in Perth because I was interested in learning about Human Rights. I want to help people access the resources they need to lead a safe and happy life, just like the one I was blessed with growing up.

This led me to repeatedly visiting India, where I volunteer at MITHRA, a disabled children’s orphanage. I work with children who come from nothing and see the positivity and love that comes from them. I can see the poverty and how much they struggle from lack of essential services. I see the environmental degradation from pollution around them. It is clear to me that a responsible government with good policies which support communities and protect the environment are the key to raising the standard of living. This is what I advocate for! 

In sharp contrast to this I also spent 2 years in Norway. I was inspired by my time living in a country which is leading the world in social services, environmental policy, economy and wealth. I worked for a year in Norway’s most prominent climate change company, ZERO, where we created an international climate change conference that featured the Prime Minister, Shadow minister, the CEO’s of renewable energy companies and of the biggest oil and gas companies, as well as representatives from the World Bank and CEO’s of Climate Change Organisations. 

My time there taught me that it IS possible for a Green-minded government to work WITH mining companies to implement greener solutions to cut emissions. 

It IS possible to have a government that provides a high standard of social services and welfare and still have a strong economy. 

It IS possible to have stronger environment policy without having to wait 20 years for a phase-in or phase out plan. We can subsidise electric cars, develop electric public transport, and have a waste system that recycles effectively. We can start doing those things now!

I am young, but I am qualified, I have experience, and I have our town’s values. We need young blood to shake things up in Parliament. The future is in my generation, let me fight for it.