Naomi Pigram

Candidate for the Kimberley

I’m Naomi Pigram, your Greens candidate for the Kimberley this election.

As a barefoot kid from the Kimberley born in the late 70’s, I have seen many challenges faced by the region to which I belong and call home!

I am a proud Indigenous person who was born and raised in big spirit country. My bloodstream originates from many corners of the world but my two Grandmothers connect me to the Yawuru and Wadjarri people. It is the influence of these beautiful strong Aboriginal women who have taught me to stand up for what is right.

I have watched governments come and go, with representatives bound by parties who are under the influence of corporate donations. I’ve seen them prevented from taking strong positions and speaking freely on behalf of the hearts and minds of the Kimberley people. I have chosen to be a Greens candidate because I strongly believe that their vision aligns with the core values of the people to which I belong and respect. I know I will be supported by the party to represent my people with truth and without compromise.

Being raised in the Kimberley has also provided me with an inspiring group of Indigenous leaders who have demonstrated a fierce and unwavering strength in their fight for social justice and protection of country. To these leaders I pay homage and hope that my contribution to this plight might lighten the load.

With over 25 years in the Community Service and Arts Sector I am extremely passionate about our young people and their families, and have for many years witnessed their struggle and pain as they try to navigate a system which rarely hears their voice. Without representation free of external influence I fear very little will change. I believe that supporting the strengths and best interests of our young people by providing better essential services such as mental health care, education and promoting grassroots initiatives will be an investment in a future for us all.

The constant threat of fracking the Kimberley has been ever present and creates division, unease and increased anxiety amongst its local people. I advocate for a complete ban across the state. I also support the protection of the Fitzroy river as a precious life source to the Kimberley.

I see a number of opportunities to support existing movements as a Greens candidate; I don't see issues as isolated and believe the coming together of our spirit as Kimberley people will bring about actions for change that have the potential to lead the nation by reducing the negative impacts on our environment through clean jobs and a united front against the current environmental crisis!

The Greens movement agrees with my inherent morals and values. They are free of corporate influence, true to its people and courageous enough to work from the ground up. I truly believe in the integrity of The Greens and its foundations of social justice, grassroots democracy, ecological sustainability and peace. I hope to represent the Kimberley’s people and vow to do so with integrity, respect and truth.