Nelson Gilmour

Candidate for Albany

I’m Nelson Gilmour, your Greens candidate for Albany this election. I feel so lucky to have grown up on the South Coast, I know that people come from all over the world to enjoy our truly whimsical environment. I believe we need to care for it to not only protect it’s beauty for generations to come, but also because our economy relies on it.

We are facing multiple crises of economic inequality, underemployment and climate collapse and we must tackle these challenges head-on to build a future for all of us. We have everything we need to solve the climate crisis and protect our communities from poverty, but our political system has been distorted by the interests of property developers and coal, oil and gas corporations.

The Labor, Liberal and National parties all take hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and sacrifice our futures all the way to the bank.

I’m running for Albany because I want bold public investment to create secure jobs in green industries, revive local manufacturing, supercharge renewable energy, build affordable housing and ensure we all have the things we need to live a good life.

I believe we can build a green Western Australian economy that is proactive about climate action.

Albany is ready for this, and our time is now. I look forward to meeting members of the community to talk about this exciting vision for a positive future. See you out there.

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