Nicholas D'Alonzo

Candidate for Carine

I’m Nicholas D’Alonzo, your Greens candidate for Carine this state election.

I have been fortunate enough to grow up and live in the electorate of Carine. I developed a love of nature as a child, my endless curiosity leading me to a PHD in Nanotechnology as I searched for the answers as to how everything is connected.

Carine is one of the most beautiful electorates in the state with some of the world’s best beaches, beautiful lakes, bushland and the Marmion marine park conservation area. I grew up surrounded by nature and so I am driven to protect it. I am exceptionally passionate about the wonderful diversity of birds we share Carine with.

2020 saw the impacts of the dual crisis of the pandemic and the Climate Crisis hurting everyday Australians. Job opportunities in WA have been greatly limited to mining and mining services over the last few decades and this leaves us greatly at the mercy of mining companies and global commodity prices.The twin crises we face can’t be solved by the nebulous notion of a good economy or with the continued use of fossil fuels, we tackle them by working together as a community - that is who the Greens are: a community with the shared goal of making a fairer future for all of us.

To me climate change is the generational challenge for us all. As a scientist I was compelled to read the IPCC report on climate change and dig into the evidence in the scientific literature, but the catastrophic fires last summer are what really hammered it home. It is no longer theoretical; it is very real and it is happening now.

I strongly believe mental health care should be easily accessible for all. Mental illnesses are insidious in that the illnesses themselves prevent you from getting them treated. I spent 2019 finally getting my mental illness treated and I was lucky enough to have the means to afford it, but mental health care should not come at a cost. It is critically important that we remove the financial and social barriers to treatment and diagnoses which stop the young and struggling from being able to get the help they need. And beyond that are the social stigmas faced by those suffering, particularly for Men. These barriers can lead those suffering down dark paths of self-medication and self-harm.

The Greens are a people first party, always looking out for the most vulnerable in society and not taking money from corporate donors. I am proud to be the Greens candidate for Carine and I look forward to talking to the community about building a future for all of us.

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