Patricia Perks

Candidate for Bunbury

I’m Patricia Perks, your Greens candidate for Bunbury this state election.

As a Councillor and Community advocate, I have a strong connection with Bunbury - both through my work as a Local Government Councillor at the Shire of Dardanup for the past 5 years and through co-founding and volunteering in an animal rescue with a group called BARRC. 

While many of us have a good quality of life in the South West, I feel that we can do better for all members of our community.  Our communities and our families deserve action on climate change, safe roads, a strong healthcare system, and a future that works for all of us.

The Greens were the only party that publicly supported the concerns shared by me and my community around environmental and community impacts - such as the right to say no to fracking on your own property. 

This state election, we have the chance to elect more Greens Mps to Parliament and hold WA Labor to account on issues like climate change. We need to ensure they are taking strong action on one of the biggest issues of our generation. 

Public transport is a big issue for many of us who live in the South West. With better transport connections and a fast train between Perth and Bunbury, we could see greater access and opportunities for people, businesses and even tourism from city dwellers who could commute. 

Regional communities often fall behind our metropolitan neighbours in healthcare. Our hospitals and aged care facilities do not have enough beds or specialists and it is not uncommon to need to travel to Perth for medical services.

By investing in education and health industries, we can improve and attract these services to the area. This along with having a fast train, will make it easier on  people in the community to get to metro specialists along with encouraging better access for metro services where we all can enjoy the South West lifestyle with an easy commute to the city when required 

Over the years, my concerns have led me to realising that in order to get change, I have to make it happen. I believe the best way I can do this is by running as the Green’s candidate in Bunbury. Fundamentally, the Greens put people first and won’t accept corporate donations. That resonates with me and aligns with my core values of honesty, integrity and protecting the vulnerable.

We can - and should - do better to protect our vulnerable people and environmentally sensitive areas. We are a wealthy state and if we invest in transport, health and education, our communities will only grow stronger. 

This election I look forward to speaking to many members of the community, and building a future for all of us. See you out there!

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