Rachel Wright

Candidate for Thornlie

Hi I’m Rachel Wright, your Greens candidate for Thornlie this state election.

After being in the private sector for many years, in both small and global companies; I decided to steer my aspirations away from the everyday. I am currently a full time student at Murdoch University as an undergraduate enrolled in a Bachelor of Science - Environmental Management and sustainability with a double major in Sustainable Development.

I have lost trust in the major parties; the Liberals, Labor and the Nationals have lacked the action on climate change we need and the intergenerational effects will be evident in years to come. The large donations they take from coal and gas corporations completely impede their ability to make decisions to protect our futures. The Greens don’t take corporate donations, which gives me faith that they genuinely have the interests of the community at heart. We need to use our collective voice to push Labor further and faster on climate change and bring integrity to politics. 

Western Australia’s precious places are under threat from climate change, mining, logging, development and invasive species. The environmental issues that face us and our children are something that has never been seen before, my generation has seen deforestation and extinction happen at record rates. WA is a global biodiversity hotspot that is home to many endemic species seen nowhere else in the world, but the extensive logging in the South West has reduced the ancient forests by up to 90% in some areas. Locally there is a lack of green thoroughfares for wildlife between suburbs. While the McGowan government continues to support gas and coal corporations and take donations from developers, our waterways, forests, bush and farmland face the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

I am passionate about ending homelessness. I’ve volunteered on events advocating for the homeless and I strongly believe that everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. Over 9,000 Western Australians are homeless each night and nearly 25,000 people are on WA’s public housing waitlist, with a wait time of almost two years. This isn’t good enough. The Greens are committed to building 15,000 new low-carbon homes over the next 3 years to meet the current wait list, and will properly invest in the wrap-around services that help to keep people under a stable and secure roof.

Right now, we have the opportunity to invest in community wellbeing by focusing on healthcare, schools, hospitals and public transport, ensuring we’ve all got what we need to live a good life. This also includes sport; I am a sole parent of a young boy who has just started year 1 at a local primary school. We are members of Auskick and very few children from disadvantaged backgrounds are able to access what is a major access point for community connection and health for young people in our country.

I am also an active member of Dogswest and have been showing dogs for over 10 years. I believe in animal welfare and the right to free choice when it comes to your animals well-being. There are many inconsistencies in the current puppy farming legislation which, if elected, I would fight to change. 

I’m so excited to be your candidate for Thornlie, see you out there.

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