Rob Delves

Candidate for Warnbro

I’m Robert Delves, your Greens candidate for Warnbro in this state election.

It’s all about caring. The Greens are committed to caring for our planet and caring for all its people. These are my core values and they come from my parents. In 1946, my father returned from six years away at war, determined to create a better world after years of violence and racism. We could create this better world in our relationships and by participating in community groups. I joined Oxfam in the 1980s and came to The Greens via Oxfam’s work to eliminate poverty.

My parents were passionate about the importance of education in creating a better Australia. I studied Geology and Geography, and also urban planning. My honours year was a research project on preserving heritage and much later I completed a degree in Sustainable Cities at Murdoch University. I cycle everywhere and The Greens policies that improve our urban planning for walking, cycling and public transport are important to me. 

My teaching career began in Victoria and then England, where I studied for an MA in Education at London University. Since 1989 I’ve lived in Perth with my partner Valerie and our son David and taught at three High Schools: Kwinana, South Fremantle and Melville. 

I’ve been a Greens member for 21 years. I’m now a candidate because the issues we face have become so urgent. The crises of climate change and species extinction threaten to destroy the wonderful natural environment we depend on. We also face obscene levels of inequality that deny the opportunity of a good life to far too many. The Greens have evidence-based policies that address these problems. We urgently need government-led action to transition from a planet-destroying coal and gas economy to one based on clean energy. WA is blessed with abundant solar and wind which can power a clean economy. 

Solving the climate crisis means solving the jobs crisis – the two are inseparable. The Greens good news is that this rapid transition away from gas and coal will be a jobs bonanza. We also support greater investment in the jobs-rich areas of social housing, public transport infrastructure and the vital caring industries such as health, education and training, child care and aged care. These jobs must have security, fair pay and conditions. 

I’ve been a union-member all my working life, including taking on many leadership roles. Strong democratic unions are essential and I’m proud that The Greens are passionate defenders of unions.

We face multiple crises of unprecedented urgency and intensity, but the technologies and other resources to solve them are available. The Greens are the only party with the political will to embrace the opportunities to transition to a more caring WA.

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