Sandy Burt

Candidate for North West Central

I’m Sandy Burt, your Greens candidate for North West Central this state election.

I am the owner operator of a yacht charter company, I run a small sailing catamaran taking groups on an exploration of my beautiful home. I do this on a sailing vessel to be as eco friendly as possible.

Being a baby boomer I often see my generation as being a large part of the problem the planet is currently enduring. Moving from Perth to Exmouth in 2018 I realized that everyone one has a voice and therefore should speak it when things really matter to you, that’s why I’ve chosen to stand for the Greens.

My electorate is diverse - incorporating agriculture, oil & gas, minerals, tourism and perhaps most importantly nature and wilderness that must be preserved. Exmouth is currently under continual threat of industrialisation. With a local government hell bent on turning us into another ruined North West port. Instead I believe we could sell ourselves on our point of difference, by saying no to industry and being the town that put our nature and environment first. I believe this point of difference would be positive for the region and its economy.

Being a committee member with the Cape Conservation group has made me aware of how many threats of industrialisation are continually being proposed. As a local tourism operator I have been able to use my profile to draw attention to the detrimental effects these proposals would have. I am proudly heavily involved with Protect Ningaloo and feel proud to have helped stop the Subsea7 project. However our work is not over as the deep water ports and other unnecessary projects keep presenting themselves.

Western Australia’s precious places are under threat from climate change, mining, development and invasive species. While the government continues to support gas and coal corporations our waterways, bush and farmland face the catastrophic consequences of climate change, affecting not only our quality of life and tourism industry but also the future of generations to come.

Candidate photo by Blue Media Exmouth.

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