Sarah Newbold

#3 Candidate for North Metropolitan Region

Hi, I’m Sarah, your #3 Greens candidate for the North Metropolitan Region, supporting Alison Xamon MLC as she seeks re-election to parliament’s upper house - the Legislative Council.

I grew up in the North Metropolitan region and have returned in my adult years because I love living between the coast and the city, it’s a beautiful lifestyle. I currently rent a house in Nedlands with my partner Lexie, our dog Beans and cat Bubba.

I have always had a strong interest in politics and social justice. In 2004, I became a qualified Social Worker; working in the child protection and family violence sector. I wanted to extend my advocacy beyond social work, so decided to become politically engaged. I analysed all parties and looked at the party that not only resonated with my values, but actively addressed the concerns faced by the people I was working with as a Social Worker.

There was only ever one choice: the Greens.

The Greens WA ticked every box; plus had the incredible bonus of extending beyond social justice and advocating on environmental issues. They align with my values, interests, and passions and are comprised of people I care deeply about. I have been a proud and passionate member of the Greens WA for 16 years.

I believe fairness, transparency and accountability in government is critical. As citizens of Western Australia, we deserve to know what is driving political decision-making in government. We deserve policy that is rigorous and robust; without the toxic influence of political donations and lobbying.

Dealing decisively with climate change is key to ensuring sustainable development, poverty eradication and for safeguarding economic growth. Science indicates that inaction will be more costly than acting now. Economic development in Western Australia needs to be moved onto a low-emissions and climate-resilient path.

As a small business owner, I want an employment and workplace relations framework that promotes job security and satisfaction, social equity and a safe workplace. We need to encourage and better enable value-adding businesses in our local community.

As a carer of elderly parents; one who lives with advanced dementia - I am passionate about access to appropriate, accessible and affordable services for both seniors and carers.

And as a queer feminist woman, I want to see an end to discrimination faced by LGBTQIA+1 people. I have advocated strongly throughout my professional career for the elimination of family and domestic violence, the decriminalisation of sex work, and for women to be able to live our lives free of violence, harassment, prejudice and discrimination.

I urge you to vote for the Greens (WA) ticket for the WA Legislative Council and ensure Alison can continue to advocate for environmental sustainability, positive social change and integrity in government. I look forward to seeing you out in the community.

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