Simon Blackburn

Candidate for Riverton

I'm Simon Blackburn, your Greens candidate for Riverton this state election.

As an electrical engineer, father and long-time local, I am proud to have been selected by the Greens (WA) to run for the seat of Riverton this State Election. Having lived in the electorate for almost forty years I have a good understanding of the local issues affecting our community.

I am grateful to be given the opportunity to be a candidate and give something back to the community at large. Having raised my kids here, and having been a part of many sporting and community groups, I know that our community is proud of its sustainability and inclusiveness, however this is not being reflected by our major parties. I want the chance to be able to change this election for the greater good of the community. 

Climate change is a growing concern and I am seeing first hand its effect on the Swan and Canning Rivers. I worry about my children's futures, and want to ensure that we put our future before the needs of big corporations who are profiteering off the destruction of our climate. Only the Greens have a plan to tackle climate change by transitioning to 100% renewable energy and turning WA into a renewable energy exporter.

I believe the corporations have had too much say in the shaping of policies, at the expense of what is best for us. For too long the Labor and Liberal parties have put the needs of their corporate donors ahead of our community, and this must change. We need to get the economy going again where wages and job opportunities have currently stalled.  Corporations have not paid their fair share of taxes to allow better infrastructure such as electricity, schools, education and healthcare.

As your local Greens MP I believe we can build a future that works for all of us. We can better fund public transport,  Protect our open spaces such as the Canning and Swan rivers and have a safety net in place for such things as housing, homelessness and mental health. 

A vote for the Greens will secure a better future for us, removing corporate influence in politics and tackling climate change. I look forward to campaigning in Riverton to build a future for all of us. See you out there!

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