Simone Collins

Candidate for Southern River

Hi, I’m Simone Collins, your Greens candidate for Southern River this election.

I joined the Greens back in 2006 while I was pregnant with my first child as the rampant environmental destruction and high youth employment I could see were providing a bleak outlook for the future my children would grow up in. Over the years that future has looked bleaker and bleaker, and it has become apparent that the Greens are the only party working for our best possible future rather than being beholden to corporate donors who are destroying our planet.

I’ve lived in Canning Vale for over a decade; I’m a local business owner, my daughters have grown up and go to school here and I am an active member of their school’s board.

COVID-19 has had such a huge impact on the community. Many small businesses have shut down permanently and those that have survived have had to radically rethink how they operate. Too many people had to draw on their superannuation to get through the pandemic and there hasn’t been an adequate safety net or community services to ensure that everyone was equally supported during this time – we need to make sure that no one is left behind.

As a single parent who rents, housing security is a big issue for me. I understand the struggle of being uprooted from your home when your landlord decides to sell and of finding a place to live that meets your needs and your budget. I want everyone to have access to safe, sustainable and secure housing.

The existential threat we face from climate change is a big issue for me. My daughters are 14 and 12, and they are despairing over their futures. My younger daughter’s mental health has been significantly impacted by the lack of action on the climate emergency. As a parent it is especially distressing to see how their mental health is suffering at such a young age.

We still have time to stop the worst impacts of climate change, but we have to act now to secure our children and grandchildren’s futures.

I’m looking forward to meeting with members of our community to talk about our positive vision for the future. See you out there.

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