SP Becker

Candidate for Scarborough

Hi, I’m SP Becker, and I’m so excited to be the Greens candidate for Scarborough. I am a climate and environmental activist and a member of the LGBTIQ+ community. In my life I have experienced hate speech first hand and I have witnessed unspeakable acts of racism to people in my community, and I know that we are currently facing a dual crisis of COVID-19 and the climate emergency, with both threatening our way of life. 

I grew up in South Africa, and migrated to Australia when I was 19. I saw people struggle every day, with a society whose class divide was strong and racism was rampant. I knew it was time for me to be a part of great change in our society.

For me, both the major parties are leaving our community behind. Whether it is their inaction on climate change, overdevelopment or their prioritisation of their corporate donors over the people they’re meant to represent, COVID-19 has shown us that they’ve always had the means to fund the things we need to live a good life - they’re choosing not to. 

Our communities are already feeling the devastating impact of the climate crisis. When I was young, nature was my escape from a troubled upbringing. I used to run away and hide in the forests around my home. I would spend hours walking around studying the trees, plants and insects, listening and watching the birds and the animals live their lives the way they have done for centuries. I know that many of us in WA appreciate the value of our precious places, and want to see them preserved and enjoyed for generations to come. But they’re under threat.

People have lost their lives and homes to fires, the smoke has made it difficult to breathe and unsafe to go outside, and coastal erosion is threatening our communities. Rather than listening to the majority of Western Australians who are calling for action on climate change, the Labor government is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from oil and gas corporations.

Like so many others it saddens me to see the over development happening in Scarborough. How that beautiful view coming down Scarborough Beach Road could soon be blocked with the 3Ocean’s twin towers and Hubs on crown beach land, how the Nookenboora Stream is being developed when it directly feeds into one of our natural treasures - Lake Herdsman. Our suburbs are heating up as our tree canopies disappear, and our communities are not being listened to. Stirling really has the potential to be a leader in green jobs, leading to the protection of our green spaces and coastline, but the major parties continue to be more interested in taking donations from mining companies. 

It’s clear many of us are ready for change. 

This election, I’m so excited to be a part of this grassroots movement to build a future for all of us - not corporations. I can’t wait to speak to our community, on the streets, on doorsteps and everywhere in between. Come and be a part of this movement with me - see you out there!


Get in touch

SP smiles directly at the camera. He is wearing a button up coral coloured shirt and has short brown hair and light green eyes with a tanned complexion.

Email: office@wa.greens.org.au

(08) 6365 2131