Tamara Alderdice

Candidate for Nedlands

Hi! I’m Tamara Alderdice and I’m so excited to be the Greens candidate for Nedlands this state election. 

As someone who has lived below the poverty line, faced homelessness and needed the assistance of underfunded and overwhelmed community services to survive, I understand how important it is to have access to high quality, free health care & education, affordable housing and a strong social safety net that looks after us. We should all be supported with a liveable income above the poverty line.

I am frustrated by the current state of politics, where the major parties are more interested in helping their corporate donors than tackling the climate crisis head on, or helping the people who are struggling to make ends meet. 

I am a mother who has stood in a department of housing office with my two children and cried when I was told how long the wait list was for public housing. When I speak about raising the rate of Jobseeker, it’s as someone who faced the prospect of having to give up on my dreams of a better life for my kids and quit my pursuit of the university education I had fought and worked so hard for in order to get a full time minimum wage job. When I hear the major parties debating people and their value in terms of the cost to the economy, I feel the blow of each of their judgments as though it were leveled against me personally. 

I’m worried about the kind of world my children will inherit. The last summer of bushfires that destroyed so many communities show how present the threat of irreversible global warming really is, and it is an issue being completely ignored by the Labor and Liberal parties. By allowing the very same corporations that are destroying our climate to fund their election campaigns the major parties are putting their own interests above those of the people they are supposed to represent. 

Nedlands has so much to offer, and it is an amazing place to live. But we can’t expect it to stay that way without fighting for it. Our green corridors and river system is under threat from the irreversible impacts of climate change, while development is encroaching on our open spaces and our politicians continue to prioritise their corporate mates over our community. 

This election, it’s time to prioritise our communities over their oil and gas donors. Now is the time for bold government investment to drive our economy into the future. We have the opportunity to create jobs for West Australians and urgently tackle the climate crisis. Bold government investments now will drive our economy into the future; create jobs and ensuring everyone has the essential services they need to live a good life.  

I know that the only way we will achieve lasting and meaningful change is if we come together as a community and demand it.

I’m so excited to spend the next few months listening and speaking with our community, and running a grassroots campaign to build a future for all of us. See you out there!

Get in touch

Tamara Alderdice looks directly at camera, smiling. Tamara has short blonde wavey hair, blue eyes, fair skin and wears a greay pin stripe suit with a white blouse underneath.

Phone: (08) 6365 2131

Email: office@wa.greens.org.au