Xanthe Turner

Candidate for Mandurah

Hi I’m Xanthe Turner, your Greens candidate for Mandurah this election.

I’m campaigning because people like Jodie Moffat, Jeff Mitting, and Diane Evers have inspired me to get involved. Like them, I want to make a positive difference to my community.

Mandurah is the second biggest city in WA, and yet it’s a remarkably close-knit community. I love everything about living here, and feel grateful to have grown up in such a welcoming and inclusive environment.

For a while now, I’ve considered homelessness to be one of Mandurah’s biggest issues, so I was excited to hear about Mayor Rhys Williams’ proposed Common Ground facility: everyone deserves access to safe, secure and sustainable housing.

The health of Mandurah’s waterways is also of great concern to me. We have a number of local organisations doing great work to protect our waterways, but I believe we all have a personal responsibility to protect our immediate environment, especially our native ecosystems and wildlife. Beyond our local waterways I am very concerned about the amount of pollution infesting the oceans. The increasing levels of micro-plastics and other pollutants in the water have reached a crisis point and it must be addressed.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of marine animals are killed by ingesting plastics. I love marine life, and I want this issue to be addressed before it’s too late, and we lose even more of the world’s biodiversity. I don’t want future generations to grow up in a world where marine life is nothing more than a chapter in their history books.

I would love to encourage more young people to engage with and brainstorm potential solutions for the social issues they’ve encountered in their own lives. The ability of young people to comprehend ‘real world’ subject matter is often underestimated, but if young people are capable of being affected by an issue – whether that be bullying, poverty, drug use, discrimination, poor mental health, or climate change – they deserve to have a seat at the table as we work to find solutions to those issues. Young people are more capable than most adults realise, and their voices deserve to be heard.

The best way to ensure the safety and success of the next generation is to provide the kinds of experiences that will empower young people to create positive change. We have a responsibility to help one another as human beings sharing this planet. To me, educating, including, and empowering the next generation of policy-makers seems like an excellent place to start. I can’t wait to start talking to the people of Mandurah about the Greens’ solutions to the problems we face, see you out there.

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Xanthe Turner

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