We all have a right to a job, a home, an education, a voice in our parliament and a healthy planet to live on. Our democracy must work to ensure that these rights are realised for all of us, not just the super-wealthy. Only the Greens have a plan to prioritise people and planet over corporate profits.


Australia has unfinished business; the Greens acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. First Nations peoples have a strong and unbroken connection to the land and sea. To be a truly  reconciled nation, it is crucial that we address the issues of sovereignty and treaties. It is past time for these issues to be resolved. The Greens will provide funding to First Nations individuals, organisations and communities to help advance local, regional and national conversations and form a path towards establishing treaties. We will also stand alongside Aboriginal people to change the date. We all want a day on which we can come together as a national community, to reflect on where we’re at and to celebrate what we are: a wonderfully diverse, open and free society. But January 26  - a day that marks hundreds of years of dispossession - is not that day.


Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries on earth and we are a stronger nation because of this. Our multiculturalism is something to be proud of, and to celebrate.  We also need to make sure that the right resources, tools and opportunities are available to make sure all Australians are empowered to participate in Australian society.


The Greens will end off-shore detention and close Manus and Nauru.  Australia has a proud history of welcoming people to our community and helping those fleeing desperate situations. Migrants and people seeking asylum have always been part of our diverse fabric and they make our community what it is, a unique and special place. We are a generous and caring community and we can welcome people seeking asylum rather than locking them up. Future generations will condemn us for our cruelty if we do not urgently abolish offshore detention, provide temporary protection visas and permanent protection to people asking for our help.


Never before has a government so blatantly ignored an issue that so completely threatens our communities, our society and our planet. Shorten’s Labor party have stood idly by whilst our national policy on mitigating and adapting to the damaging impacts of climate change goes from bad to worse, and they can no longer be trusted to implement real, systemic change. The Greens are the only party with the courage to tackle catastrophic global warming and transition Australia away from coal towards a clean energy economy.


Australia is in a nationwide recycling and waste crisis. A system of kerbside recycling that has been in place for decades is collapsing because we have too much waste, and have been relying on on-selling that waste to China for decades. Changing the way we consume must start with the big corporations that seek to profit from maintaining their business model. The Greens plan to reboot recycling will reduce waste, improve the quality of our recycling, introduce national deposit schemes and commit governments to buy recycled products.


The people of WA were appalled when they saw the footage of thousands of sheep suffering on ships that had left our port earlier this year. It was definitely not the first time this has happened but we can make sure it’s the last time. Australia can provide a more economically robust and humane alternative to the live export trade by boosting boxed meat exports. Processing animals in Australia will not only protect them from inhumane treatment and high temperatures, it will also support local industry and create thousands of jobs.

The Greens’ plan will:

  1. Support a path towards establishing Treaties for First Nations Peoples

  2. Establish a Federal Multicultural Act

  3. End offshore detention of Manus Island and Nauru

  4. Repower WA’s economy with 100% renewable energy by 2030

  5. Distribute $10 million in grants to community groups and social enterprises to run high quality reuse and recycling centres

  6. Encourage the development of new meat processing facilities and boost boxed meat exports.