World Class Social Services

The Greens are a party of essential services, not tax cuts. Our progressive tax system ensures that every Australian has access to the services they need and that no one falls through the cracks. The Greens will invest money directly into essential public services like schools, hospitals and housing, rather than joining Shorten’s Labor and this Liberal government in handing out tax cuts to buy votes in the short term.


Newstart and youth allowance payments have not increased in real terms in decades. This Liberal government has spent years vilifying people on income support. Keeping those without a job living below the poverty is unconscionable. Increasing Newstart and Youth Allowance also makes economic sense. Money spent supporting jobseekers will go straight back into the economy on much needed goods and services, and will also mean that struggling Australians are better supported to find employment.


The Greens want to ensure a world class public education for every Australian, from early childhood right through to tertiary education. The Greens have a vision to support a well-funded, high quality and sustainable education system over the entire lifetime of learning.


The Greens will invest in better public health so that every Australian has access to the care and support they need. This includes fully funding the NDIS, the addition of quality dental care to medicare, access to a bulk-billing GP for everyone and extra investment in mental health services.


The Greens’ plan to invest in accessible, affordable public transport will make it easier to take the train, catch a bus, hop on light rail or ride your bike, it will reduce traffic congestion and is a smart long-term investment for more liveable cities.


Everyone deserves a roof over their head, and a warm bed to sleep in every night. But right now Australia is in a housing crisis. It’s become impossible for young people to buy their first home, because of unfair tax breaks for the rich.  A third of Western Australians rent their home and yet renters continue to be denied the dignity of a safe, affordable and stable home. And homelessness is at a record high, with young people making up 42% of Australia’s homeless population. The Greens have a plan to unrig the housing market and  make sure there are homes for all, especially young people who are being hit the hardest.

The Greens’ plan will:

  1. Increase Newstart Allowance and independent Youth Allowance payments by $75 a week

  2. Give every Australian a world-class public education

  3. Safeguard full funding for hospitals and Medicare

  4. Invest in public transport infrastructure, including rail, light rail, buses and bike paths

  5. Protect renters by ending no-grounds evictions and introducing long-term leases