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The Greens' BikeVision 2029 proposes to make Perth the world's best city for cyclists. We could do this with just 3% of the State transport budget, plus contributions from federal and local governments, we can fill the massive gaps in the bike network, introduce a long-overdue maintenance budget and make our bike network one that works gets you from anywhere to anywhere across Perth, safely and easily.

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Help make Perth one of the world's best cycling cities. Find out more »

what bike vision will cost

The Greens believe bicycle infrastructure should be funded by all three levels of government, in a transparent way, and working towards a common and integrated vision. Find out more »

Safe routes to school

60% of kids under the age of 10 and 45% of 10-to-17-year olds rode a bike at least once in the last week. Yet only 2% of Australian children are riding to schoolFind out more »

Building a safe cycling network

Cyclists and high speed motorised traffic just don’t mix. Most of our proposed investment to 2029 is dedicated to bike lanes and paths and upgrading intersections so that cars and bikes no longer compete for road spaceFind out more »

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"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race"

HG Wells