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#designperth is a collaboration between the Office of Senator Scott Ludlam, the Property Council of Australia, CODA Architecture and Urban Design, and the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP) that showcases what could be possible in Perth with world class urban design, and looks at the true cost of urban sprawl. 

Building on our award winning 2013 study Transforming Perth, this latest project identifies roadblocks to making Perth a more connected, liveable and sustainable city.

#designperth provides what we hope to be a roadmap to all levels of Government and the community on the opportunities we have to move forward to realise this vision.

Quick Facts

  • It costs the government $150,000 to provide infrastructure for every new lot in outer developments, it costs just $55,000 in infill
  • That means taxpayers are paying $94.5 million for every 1000 homes built on the fringe of Perth
  • A return to a 60% density target (from the current 47% - the lowest in Australia) would save WA $23 billion to 2050; enough for 9 new Fiona Stanley hospitals, or the entire MAX light rail project 12 times over
  • A 100% infill target, focussing our entire growth in areas already earmarked for development would save $30 billion to 2050

Comparing Business As Usual development to transit-oriented development alongside a Light Rail node, #designperth found:

  • A 260% increase in the number of dwellings and residential population
  • A 352% increase in commercial space and employment
  • A 187% increase in public open space, with 27% more homes within 200m of green space
  • A 335% increase in active frontage
  • A 739% increase in public transport usage; and
  • A significant increase in dwelling diversity, with 52% more low and medium rise apartments

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Watch the report

ABC News in Perth, in their report on the release of #designperth, summarised the aims and findings of the report.

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