Energy 2030 | The Greens (WA)

100% Renewable Energy in WA is within our reach if we act with the urgency and ambition that the climate emergency and changing economy demands. It’s time to step up.

The past fifteen years have seen a massive increase in renewable energy deployment around the world, driven by rising fossil fuel costs and the now unmistakable impacts of the changing climate. Runaway advances in solar, wind and other clean energy technologies have caused costs to fall rapidly. The Greens believe Australia should invest in the next generation of clean, affordable energy infrastructure.


Just one year since we released Energy 2030, the costs to construct and operate large scale renewables have fallen so much that they’re now competitive with — or even cheaper than — any fossil generation. This is why we’ve updated our Energy 2029 study and found it’s now the same cost or cheaper to reach 100% renewable electricity than continue with business as usual by 2029 (by Levelized Cost of Energy).

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