A Jobs-Rich Pathway | The Greens (WA)

The old parties are missing the point when it comes to the kind of jobs and economy we should be embracing and transitioning toward, now that the mining boom is phasing down.

A clean energy future is a jobs rich future: building a 100% renewable energy network provides thousands of jobs in construction, manufacturing, research and development, installation, maintenance, and of course new administration, sales and management positions in the many small businesses and new enterprises that would grow out of the clean energy boom.


Under our plan a total of 22,267 to 26,861 new net jobs are created, depending on the two scenarios we’ve used. This figure is for construction alone.


This includes another 2000 jobs in Rooftop PV, more than 18,000 jobs in solar thermal farms, and more than 700 in wind.


By contrast (and despite widespread belief) the number of WA jobs in oil, gas and coal are very low. About 1020 Western Australians are employed in coal mining, and another 7145 in oil and gas (WA Department of Mines and Petroleum 2010).


This table shows the number of new jobs that would be created under Scenario 1: Solar Thermal heavy mix. See the report for the full story.

Solar Thermal heavy mix chart