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Ever wondered how we will accommodate Perth’s anticipated population growth, without destroying our suburbs, heritage treasures, green spaces and character we love, while putting the brakes on Perth’s urban sprawl? How can we provide more affordable housing where people want to live, near work, schools, shops and entertainment? How do we reduce traffic congestion, car dependence and make public transport more efficient and convenient?

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Key Findings

The Transforming Perth study looks in detail to transform our congested and car dominated roads into a vibrant network of High Streets, urban villages and liveable local neighbourhoods that are attractive places we would want to live and workFind out more »

Key Benefits

There are many substantial economic, social and environmental benefits of infill and urban regeneration along or close to public transport corridors, particularly when it occurs at the precinct level. Find out more »

what's wrong with this picture

Ten ways Perth is failing as a productive, liveable and sustainable city; the factors that informed our Transforming Perth reportFind out More »

Take Action

“This study and its valuable partnership illustrates a progressive pathway to the future. A pathway that gets greater capacity out of our existing infrastructure, whilst retaining and complimenting the residential, transport and employment opportunities of our existing cities.”

Professor Rob Adams, Director of City Design, City of Melbourne.


To find the answers to these pressing questions, the Greens partnered with the Property Council and the Australian Urban Design Research Centre on the Transforming Perth Study.